We may continue to keep you updated with new information around economic issues related to coronavirus.


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we may continue to keep you updated with new information around economic issues related to the coronavirus.

Measures taken by ÖGK to ensure the liquidity of farms in connection with the coronavirus

The current extraordinary situation and the associated measures on the part of the federal government also require extraordinary steps in the Austrian Health Insurance Fund (ÖGK). The ÖGK supports the companies with some very essential payment facilities in order to be able to cope with this emergency situation together in the interest of the Austrian economy.

The following measures have been in force since 16 March 2020:

  • Reminders will not be sent for outstanding contributions.
  • An automatic deferral occurs if the contributions are not paid, only partially paid or not paid on time.
  • Instalment payments are accepted informally.
  • No collection action will be taken.
  • No applications for insolvency will be filed.

Companies are requested to continue to register for compulsory insurance in due time before starting work; delays due to corona can be exempted from sanctions upon request. The monthly contribution base notifications must continue to be sent to the ÖGK on the usual dates.

These measures apply until further notice, but presumably at least for the contribution periods February, March and April 2020. Clarifying legal regulations are planned and expected soon.

AWS bridging guarantee in connection with the "coronavirus crisis

More and more Austrian companies are negatively affected by the economic impact of the coronavirus. For this reason, the AWS bridging guarantee is being significantly expanded and simplified with immediate effect on behalf of the Austrian federal government.

The following expansions are central:

  • Waiver of the charging of processing and guarantee fees
  • No planning calculations or business plans required
  • No loan collateral required
  • Freelance activities are eligible for a guarantee with immediate effect
  • Guarantees can also be used for the deferral of existing credit lines
  • An accelerated procedure is introduced that allows for an immediate guarantee commitment.

All extension measures take effect immediately and also affect funding applications that have already been submitted. The exception is the fast-track procedure, which will be available in the next few days.

Obligations of the employer

In establishments with customer traffic in areas with an actual risk of infection, the employer is obliged to take appropriate and suitable measures to minimise the risk of infection in order to protect workers from infection. Such measures may include hygiene measures (hand hygiene) and the provision of disinfectants.

Obligations of the employee

If the worker has an infection with the coronavirus, he must inform the employer so that the employer can take precautionary measures for the benefit of other workers.

Closure of the kindergarten and school - workers' rights

If there is a personal reason for not being able to work, the remuneration must continue to be paid. For this purpose, the care of the child must be necessary due to its age (currently for children up to 14 years). The employee may be absent from work and is entitled to continued payment of remuneration for a short period of time. The duration depends on the individual case and is limited to a maximum of one week.

Short-time work

Short-time work is the temporary reduction of normal working hours due to economic difficulties. In this context, labour costs can be reduced. The AMS must be notified in good time. Under certain conditions, the AMS grants the employer the short-time work allowance. Prerequisites are, among others, that the employer, in addition to paying the employee for the reduced working hours, also partially remunerates the lost working hours, a social partner agreement or individual company agreements are concluded. It should also be noted that the employer may not terminate an employment relationship during an AMS-supported short-time work.

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