Management Consulting

A clear strategy and positioning gives your employees, customers and suppliers orientation and security.

Achieve the desired, economic success through appropriate head start and differentiation from the competition!

We support you in questions of product and location development, in the development of new business areas and markets, and accompany you in organizational adjustments and the resulting personnel measures.

Business meeting in the modern office

Business Strategy

A clear strategy and positioning gives your employees, customers and suppliers orientation and security. Achieve the desired economic success through a corresponding head start and differentiation from the competition!

A clearly formulated and communicated corporate strategy is the prerequisite for the sustainable success of your company. All further management and organisational measures must be oriented towards it. Incomplete or faulty strategies lead to wrong decisions with short- or medium-term problems for your company as well as to loss of confidence and uncertainty. The regular review and adaptation of the strategy to the changing environment is a core task of top management.
Overall strategy
  • Support in the (re)formulation of the overall strategy
  • Critical review of the existing corporate strategy
  • Analysis of selected key drivers of the company's business model (e.g.: raw material prices, energy costs,...)
  • Initiation of an innovation process
  • Review of the R&D strategy
  • Exploitation of an IP portfolio
  • Analyse the current pricing and determine the optimal price point for a product.
  • Analysis of pricing mechanisms on the market
  • Analysis of cost structure of competitors
  • Definition of a comprehensive sustainability strategy
  • Creation of documents for the internal and external communication of a company's sustainability

Business Development

"What doesn't get better doesn't stay good".

The permanent further development and opening up of new business areas is a central success factor for constant growth and a permanently healthy corporate basis. We support you in identifying and developing new business ideas and in their realisation and implementation.
  • Screening and filtering of ideas from internal and external sources
  • Setting up and steering an idea generation process
Drawing up a business plan Preparation of a business plan in a team with the client's staff. This includes:
  • Formulation of the business idea and the USP
  • Formulation of the business model
  • Evaluation of the market size
  • Analysis of the competition and the environment
  • Determination of the price band
  • Financial modelling
  • Planning and initiation of the necessary measures for implementation planning
  • Etc.
Business plan review
  • Review of an existing business plan
  • Plausibility check of key assumptions
  • Identify weaknesses and develop measures for improvement

Business Delivery

The organisation's task is to bring the existing strategy to life operationally in the company and to implement it as efficiently as possible.

The success of a company depends not only on the ideas and concepts, but significantly on their implementation. Our approach focuses on the implementation of sustainable improvements in results. It is pragmatic and distinguishes itself through its practical approach. We spend most of our time on the "shop floor" working together with our clients' employees on the implementation of change processes - always with the stipulation that clear results in particular are the goal of our work for you. We support you along the entire value chain to achieve sustainable improvements and to increase earnings in a targeted manner:

BEST-PRODUCTIVITY® - Increasing business efficiency

The BEST-PRODUCTIVITY® programme is a holistic approach that takes into account all relevant sub-aspects of sustainable efficiency improvement (processes, control systems and behaviour):
  • Processes:
    • How does the entire OTO and OTC process work?
    • Which processes contribute to value creation?
    • How can inefficiencies be permanently reduced?
  • Systems:
    • What information is available to the business units?
    • Do the existing key figures actually reflect performance?
    • Are measures consistently followed up?
  • Behaviour:
    • Do the operational managers feel responsible for performance?
    • Do they actively steer corporate events or do they only put out current fires?
Results are:
  • More efficient, cross-interface processes
  • Transparency about the performance
  • proactive leadership
  • Quantifiable improvements in results

BEST-SALES® - Increasing sales efficiency

The BEST SALES® programme is a holistic approach that takes into account all relevant sub-aspects of the entire sales platform (processes, control systems, behaviour and strategy) and has as its goal a proactive and efficient sales organisation geared to market and customer needs:
  • Distribution processes:
    • Are the sales processes designed efficiently?
    • Are the right resources available?
    • How are new customers acquired and existing customers looked after?
  • Sales behaviour:
    • What information is available to the sales department?
    • How are our products/solutions presented to the customer and what is the quality of customer care?
  • Sales management system:
    • What control tools are available and how effective are they?
    • How do performance comparisons take place?
    • How are these communicated and how is work done with the tools?
  • Distribution strategy:
    • According to which standards is market cultivation carried out?
    • In which markets, countries and with which customers is there realisable potential?
    • How is the client portfolio structured and how is it managed?
Results are:
  • Increased sales performance and better hit rates
  • More efficient control of time allocation
  • Proactive sales behaviour
  • Clear standards and effective care strategies


Changes in organisations are always carried out by the people acting in them.

Corporate transactions as well as restructuring and reorganisation are usually driven by numbers. However, the subsequent integration of the new operational units is largely dependent on the willingness of the people in the organisation to implement the changes. Our contribution to your company's success here consists of supporting the people involved in order to successfully and permanently implement and achieve the desired changes and goals, as well as finding suitable people to implement this change with you.
Management audits (HR due diligence)
  • Analysis of the management potential
  • Valuation of human capital in the company
  • Survey of readiness to make the change
  • Valuation of dissolution costs & monitoring of new contract regulations
Support in M&A processes and mergers
  • Emotional support for sellers or buyers
  • Moderation of delicate conflict discussions (group/individual support)
Company successions & transfers
  • Accompanying the owners before and during the separation of the company
  • Working through interfamilial issues
  • Support for the transferor and/or the successor
  • Preparation and support for external company handover
Post-merger integration at staff level
  • Harmonisation of systems & organisation
  • Consolidation of HR work & standardisation of HR-IT systems
  • Team building and conflict management
Search for executives (Executive Search)
  • Appointment of control bodies (supervisory boards and advisory boards)
  • Search for operational top management positions (board members/GF)
  • Search 2nd management level & experts
  • Post objectivation procedures/outplacement and reorientation
Support in reorganisation phases (optimisation of personnel costs)
  • Working time and remuneration models, staff deployment/shift models
  • Staff reduction (AMS, social plan)
  • Site Closures & Relocations
  • Special questions of labour law
Support in difficult, professional phases of life
  • Supporting decision-makers in complex negotiations
  • Support in insolvency situations (discussions with banks, lawyers, etc.)