M&A International network becomes Oaklin's

The advisory firms of the M&A International network are joining forces to form an international player. The German boutique Angermann will also operate under the new name.

The M&A International advisory network is moving closer together. A new, global M&A consultancy is emerging from the network under the name Oaklins. In the new group, the expertise of the 700 consultants, who are active in 60 locations in 40 countries, is to be bundled in one unit with the same brand, instead of, as before, in a network of consulting firms operating independently on the market. The dimension of the reorganisation is significant: according to Oaklins, this has created the largest global consultancy for mergers and acquisitions in the SME sector. On average, the Oaklins companies handle around 300 M&A deals per year. The transaction volume turned over together is usually just under 10 billion euros per year.

The new holding company will be located in Barcelona. From there, the central marketing and the establishment of the new umbrella brand will be driven forward. The members of the network will give up their previous brands. This means that the German consultancy Angermann M&A International will also operate under the name Oaklins Germany from now on. The Austrian TJP Advisory & Management Services will become Oaklins Austria. Angermann sees itself as the number 6 mid-market M&A advisor in Germany, citing league tables from Mergermarket.

In terms of structure, the new entity is similar to the international set-up of the Big Four audit firms, on which the network based its development, FINANCE has learned. The existing member firms will receive shares in the new holding company, but will only have limited liability for each other. Hans Bethge, head of the former Angermann M&A International, had already talked abouta stronger integration of the previous M&A alliance in an interview with FINANCE-TV in April, ruling out a real equity merger.

Oaklins leverages M&A international experts worldwide

In order to make the expertise of the individual houses available to all clients internationally, the individual houses appoint industry specialists who are then available to the entire group. In the future, one of these M&A specialists with expertise in the respective industry will be added to the transaction team for each deal, wherever the deal takes place. In this way, the special know-how of the individual Oaklins members will be better utilised globally and the individual locations will cooperate even more closely with each other, the M&A advisors involved hope.
For clients, however, the new holding structure is to be kept simple: They will continue to receive the invoice for advisory services from their respective main contact, i.e. German clients will usually receive it from Angermann. The consulting firm in turn distributes the revenues within the group to the other participating consulting firms and to the holding company.


Oaklins eyeing cross-border deals

Oaklins' declared goal is to get in on additional cross-border M&A deals through the new structure. The plan is for significantly more than half of Oaklins' deals to come from the cross-border segment. German consultancy Angermann M&A International says it has already achieved this. "Our clients want a professional M&A advisor who can execute transactions in every major market in the world. The new name and structure reflect this capability in a special way," Florian von Alten, board member of Oaklins Germany, the former Angermann M&A International, and first president of Oaklins International, comments on the new structure.

The M&A International network, which is now being dissolved, existed for more than 30 years. With the founding of Oaklins, the wave of consolidation in the M&A advisory market continues. This year, among others, the US financial group Raymond took over the Munich M&A boutique Mummert & Company, and the M&A advisors of Acxit Capital Partners formed an alliance with Pax Corporate Finance. There were also mergers of larger corporate finance houses on a global level, for example between the Spanish-based N+1 and the US house Downer & Co. This merger also had consequences for the German clients of Downer and N+1.