Forensic & Compliance

In the case of more and more crimes and criminal acts, such as suspected employee disloyalty, corruption, data theft, espionage, cyber-crime data or other serious economic crimes, digital evidence plays an important role in the investigation.

With an experienced team of digital forensic experts and forensic data analysts, we support companies in securing, analyzing, processing and judicially exploiting this digital evidence. Furthermore, we advise our clients with our know-how in questions of possible preventive measures.

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Forensic Accounting

Forensic accounting means the identification and detailed investigation of suspicious business transactions so that irregular payment flows, balance sheet falsifications and other irregularities in accounting are uncovered. To this end, the accounting and reporting system in particular is analysed from a business and forensic perspective.

Compliance due diligence in M&A transactions

An effective compliance management system serves to secure the success of the company. Therefore, the establishment and effectiveness of compliance management systems are also scrutinised in the course of preparing corporate transactions. For potential sellers, this results in the obligation to provide prospective buyers with appropriate information in this regard. Prospective buyers specifically question measures taken and possible risks.


The growing complexity of international white-collar criminal proceedings poses a challenge for many companies. In order to comply with the duty to produce without disclosing documents that are irrelevant to the litigation, the stored files must be screened and identified in advance. Given the amount of company data, this is a time-consuming and resource-intensive challenge. We therefore support companies in sifting through, securing and evaluating data and allow our clients to concentrate on their core business.


Our services include the identification, recovery, analysis, preparation and documentation of evidence on data carriers as well as support in the implementation of these processes. In doing so, we draw on our expertise in the areas of file carving, mobile forensics, cloud forensics and memory forensics and ensure the complete mapping of a data carrier.

Mobile Forensics

Smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices are nowadays everyday companions and contain important data. Using mobile forensic hardware and software, this data (including contacts, call lists, SMS, messages from messaging services) can be extracted. In addition to the extraction and analysis of a smartphone via the commercial forensic toolkits, we have specialised in the analysis of SQLite databases, app analysis and analysis of the network traffic of a smartphone.

Cloud Forensics

Companies and private individuals are increasingly using cloud services (including Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive) as backup storage or for sharing data. Even if there is no direct access to the accounts of these services, local copies can still be accessed in the case of secured data media. In some cases, the content of the local cache can be used to determine which data was indexed in the cloud at the time of the seizure.

In addition, the contents of the cloud can also be read without using passwords by means of extracted access tokens from secured computers or smartphones.