Corporate Finance

As Oaklins, we offer our corporate finance clients independent and professional advice on all aspects of corporate finance and the acquisition and sale of businesses.

We provide support at all stages of a transaction and, with Oaklins, have an international network of over 850 M&A experts in more than 45 countries and extensive expertise in 15 sectors, giving us wide-ranging contacts with decision-makers. In Central/Southeast/Eastern Europe in particular, we also have very strong networks of our own and can provide our clients with comprehensive advice in this region.

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Mergers & Acquisitions

Corporate acquisitions and disposals, restructuring and capital market transactions are among the most important strategic corporate decisions.

Company succession

The regulation of company succession is one of the most important entrepreneurial decisions. Every business succession requires professional planning and implementation.


The implementation of corporate transactions requires the precise evaluation of opportunities and risks as well as the accurate analysis of the target company with regard to its economic and tax situation.

The implementation of corporate transactions requires the precise evaluation of opportunities and risks as well as the accurate analysis of the target company with regard to its economic and tax situation. TJP draws on many years of expertise in conducting due diligence reviews. Vendor due diligence simplifies and accelerates the sales process and increases the credibility of financial information.
Financial Due Diligence
  • Analysis of the net assets, financial position and results of operations
  • Analysis and critical review of existing planning calculations and preparation of scenario analyses
  • Assessment of the strengths/weaknesses, opportunities/risks of the target company or investment.
Tax Due Diligence
  • Analysis of the tax situation of the target company
  • Optimisation of the tax structure of a transaction
Commercial Due Diligence
  • Analysis of the business model and strategy of the target company
  • Presentation of the market conditions and the competitive situation
  • Analysis of the economic and mathematical correctness and completeness of the planning calculations
Vendor Due Diligence
  • A vendor due diligence comprises the detailed presentation of the selling company as a basis for the evaluation and assessment of the company by prospective buyers
  • Analysis of the economic data and financial data of the company to be sold by an independent third party
  • Support in setting up a data room

Company valuations

The question of the value of a company or part of a company is of decisive importance on many occasions. We support clients professionally in all valuation-related issues.

Financing advice

TJP's goal is to find the optimal (and most cost-effective) financing for the client's business. We provide comprehensive advice on the selection of the best possible mix of debt and equity capital and, if desired, also conduct the negotiations with banks and investors.

Financial Modelling

The structured consolidation and organisation of all decision-relevant information is an essential basis for the assessment of investment projects and financing alternatives and increases decision-making certainty.

M&A sell-side

You have fought passionately to reach this point. Selling your life's work is a hard-earned success. When the time comes, we'll be by your side, sleeves rolled up and ready to assess the global markets to find the right buyer for you. Benefit from the legacy you have built and let us use our deep expertise to determine the true value of your business.

M&A buy-side

Acquiring the right business today is a great way to grow quickly and prepare for tomorrow's success. Our global presence and local roots, along with a deep understanding of evolving trends, offer you a world of opportunity to expand into new markets - and stand out from your competition.

Growth Consulting Capital & ECM

Additional funding can make the extraordinary potential of your business a reality. With our established relationships with investors around the world, you can raise capital according to your needs. Together, we find trusted financial partners who are committed to your success.

Debt capital consulting

Financing new initiatives with debt can provide momentum to build your business - without sacrificing equity and ownership. We work together with full transparency so you feel confident every step of the way. Our expert opinion is based on an impartial point of view that helps you develop a sustainable strategy, find the right institution and negotiate terms that support your growth.

Corporate finance

Regardless of which side of the transaction you are on, an accurate valuation and thorough due diligence will strengthen your argument. Our commitment and integrity to every transaction will give you an unbiased opinion that you can rely on in a wide range of financial matters. Backed by our industry expertise and commitment to our field, you can put your strategy into action.