As reported, it is possible to agree on short-time work. The details of short-time work have changed again and again in recent days. If you want to introduce short-time work in your company, we are at your disposal at any time.

Find a short guide here:

  • You apply to the AMS for short-time work (Corona). The respective provincial office responsible for the company location is in charge: The new 'Corona short-time work' application is being prepared by the AMS and will be made available shortly. More details can be found at; a federal guideline on short-time work allowance is also currently being drafted.
  • They draw up the forms and social partner agreements or works agreements including declarations of consent from the employees.
  • Please do not forget the justification of economic difficulties (reference to Corona and effects or follow-up measures).
  • If trade unions are responsible, these forms are to be submitted to the trade union, which forwards the forms to the AMS after checking and signing them.
Further legislative packages for facilitation planned

The government is planning to introduce another legislative package with numerous practical simplifications in today's National Council session (Friday 20 March 2020). We will keep you up to date on this.

ÖGK - Messages during the Corona crisis

Registration, deregistration and reporting of the monthly contribution base (MGBM) must continue to be made. For deferrals or if a proper payroll accounting cannot be prepared in individual cases, the persons concerned should contact the Regional Service Centres, which will try to find a solution. The information provided by the ÖGK is important for maintaining procedures.
Vienna Chamber of Commerce Grants for small businesses

WK Wien and City of Vienna increase emergency fund to EUR 20 million for rent subsidies and compensation for loss of revenue as a result of Covid-19

COVID_19 Special funding

The City of Vienna and the Vienna Chamber of Commerce each make an acute contribution of EUR 10 million to the "Emergency Fund of the Vienna Chamber of Commerce", which was set up specifically for crisis situations. This makes a total of EUR 20 million available as emergency aid to Viennese EPUs and micro-enterprises in distress due to the global coronavirus pandemic. One-person and micro enterprises with up to 10 employees can receive support from this emergency fund if they are severely affected (drop in turnover > 50%). The monthly applications can be submitted from 1 April 2020. We have enclosed the WKÖ information sheet on this subject.

Further support from the WKÖ

Tourism businesses are also promoted by the WKÖ. Here, liability is assumed for loans. Liability for loans is also assumed for EPUs and SMEs, and subsidies (e.g. rent subsidies) are provided. Employers are to be able to grant employees up to 3 weeks off work if the employee has no childcare options. The employer is entitled to compensation of 1/3 of the paid remuneration up to the maximum contribution base. Please refer to the WKÖ supplement for further information.

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